Moto X3M Game

moto-x3mMoto X3M is an amazing game. If I end with that, then I’m not being honest. If you love playing racing games on your smartphone that requires precision controls and understand the physical dynamics of the character you’re playing, then Moto X3M is for you.Ace Viral is known for their beautifully crafted racing games. If the game is coming from Ace Viral’s stable, then you know that it will be packed with good physics, interesting storylines, challenging levels, and beautiful graphics.  Moto X3M is about racing a dirt bike through some harsh off road terrains. Now this might sound pretty common with most dirt bike racing games, but Moto X3M has few surprises up its sleeves. As you finish each level, the game pushes your adrenaline to the brim for the speed at which you progress.

But, right when you think it’s getting easy, the game would surprise you with few weird terrains that you wouldn’t imagine in a game like this. I mean, would you expect to push a wooden tank with a dirt bike, where you have to balance the bike on the tank if you don’t want to die? Or go fast for a well-planned backflip, but the game puts you through some vertical terrain that looks like a cross-section of an Ant hill? That’s when you realize that you have another game in your smartphone that you’re addicted to.

The controls of the game are pretty straightforward. If you have any experience playing a game using your phone’s accelerometer, then you’re good to go. If you don’t, then the game allows you play using on screen buttons. I personally preferred the touch buttons as my phone’s accelerometer is not very responsive.

Bottom-line, if you’re into playing racing games on your smartphone, then Moto X3M is a must in your app drawer. Take my advice. If you are in a rehabilitation program to lose your smartphone gaming addiction, then don’t install this.